Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a paid service?

No, this service is free and no charge will be made at any point.

How will you assist me in the process of purchasing my new kitchen?

Our goal is to connect you, the end consumer, with kitchen brands most suitable to your individual needs and specifications. The brands contacted are those who are best suited to handle and complete your unique project in the best way possible, while providing excellent service at a competitive price relative to your local market. As you’ve just experienced, we also developed an innovative algorithm designed to help you better understand the ultimate style of your new kitchen.

Are kitchen prices final?

The price of your chosen kitchen is based on the specifications you entered to the app and the pricing we receive from kitchen brands. The price may also vary according to the quality and/or type of raw materials you choose.

How does your service save me time?

The average time to get 4 quotes is 6 week. With kitchezz, you can get dozen of quotes on your desired kitchen in less than 3 minutes.

How does your service save me money?

We have dozens of kitchen cabinet brands in our platform in different price ranges, which allows you as a homeowner to get a smart decision of which brand to work with based on your budget and timeline.

I need the kitchen ASAP, can you help?

Of course! We have dozens of brands with different supply times so you can choose a brand with short supply time and get your kitchen as fast as possible

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