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our mission

Our mission

Remodeling your kitchen is often a complex and tedious process that’s not only time- consuming and stressful but expensive and not a very transparent process. Renofy offers transparent pricing that equips customers in a bold new way throughout their renovation projects. No More blind pricing, no more unforeseen costs! Injust 3 min, you can get 20-50 price estimates from top brands that eliminate the 6 wk process it typically takes for getting a quote.

Why Renofy AI?

Renofy is an online showroom that allows homeowners to get real-life price estimates in a fraction of the time, and shop between hundreds of designed customized kitchens.

Renofy is an Techstars company (grabhab, parkspase and more revelationalising-start up’s) so our goal is to change the Kitchen industry and get the power back to the customer.

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